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Westfield Community Center



Owner: Westfield Community Center Association, Inc.


Areas of expertise: 
Youth and Older Adult's of All Ages

In 1935 the National Youth Administration, a Federal Agency, established a program of activities for

the Youth of the nation. The Avalonte Club and the Mindowaskin Club of Westfield agreed to become co=sponsors in order to bring this program to the youth of Westfield.

On March 17, 1935 the Toy Lending Library was officially opened in a Store at 462 West Broad Street, as a N.Y.A. Center. In addition to collecting, repairing and lending toys to children, a full scale recreation program was developed as well as a work employment program for the youth in the neighborhood. and vicinity. In early 1937 Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, National Director of the N.Y.A. activities, paid an official visit to the Toy Lending Library to commend the state supervisor and local committee on the high standard in which the N.Y.A. program was being carried out in Westfield.

When the National Youth Administration aid was discontinued, a request was made to the United Campaign of the Westfield Social Agencies (today know as the Westfield United Way) for support.

A permanent organization was formed and named "The Westfield Community Center Association."

The center was declared eligible for this aid in 1939.

On November 1, 1941, the Association moved to a larger quarters at 558 West Broad Street.

With People working together, we have profited from our differences and provided one another with the channels to personal growth, family stability and self-esteem.

For over eight decades the Westfield Community Center has grown as a strong organization, having tremendous impact on the community and affecting the lives, well being and future of many.

Organization's History

Donnell Carr - President

Andrew Davlouros - 1st Vice President

Elizabeth Wolf - Treasure

Carol Molnar - Secretary

The Westfield Community Center motto is:

WHERE: "The Fellowship of the World begins in One's Neighborhood."